Zero Motorcycles Soon Launched in Thailand

Zero Motorcycles has made major upgrades to its impressive line of electric motorcycles, making the new Zeros lighter and boasting a longer range. Plus, we will be able to order this electric Zero motorcycles in Thailand pretty soon.

The first new model from the famous electric motorcycle company is the Zero DS, which has quite a few changes to the model for 2013, making it a very practical dual sport motorcycle, with a long range, low-seat height, passenger foot pegs, and large tires. Suspension of the Zero DS is short, although just under 180mm travel is plenty for low-impact dual sport riding the Zero DS will likely see.

Weight a curb weight of 135kg is a bit more than previous specifications, but you get a higher capacity battery – the new ZF11.4 power pack gives the Zero DS a claimed range of up to 203 kilometers in the city, and 123 kilometers on the highway, along with a top speed of 153km/h. The ZF8.5 version reduces weight and range and will be lower in price.
The Zero FX is sitting high in the sky and based on the Zero MX motocross bike, the Zero FZ allows a rider to take to the dirt with confidence, thanks to longish-travel suspension, low weight, and standard 18 and 21 inch standard dirt bike wheels. The ZF5.7 battery pack is relatively light, but does have a limited range – 115 kilometers in the city and as low as 82 kilometers at 113km/h on the highway. Off-road excursions will have to be carefully planned, as elevation changes tend to drain batteries quickly. With an optional charger the Zero FX can be charged to 95 percent of capacity in less than an hour. The Zero FX is also available with a ZF2.8 motor, which cuts the range in about half and weight by 19 kilograms.

The Zero S, bumping up to a powerful 11.4 kWh motor for this model, the Zero S features a top speed of 153km/h, a range in the city of 220 kilometers between charges (which take a bit less than an hour charging), passenger footpegs, and smartphone integration that allows modifications to the power curve and enhanced info on the remaining battery capacity. The frame of the Zero S enhances ergonomics and is strong. A relatively low seat height makes the Zero S sportsbike an attractive motorcycle in-town for new riders. The lighter ZF9.5 battery pack has a shorter range but the same performance.

The Zero XU is the ultimate in around-town flickability, the Zero XU is Zero's lightest and lowest model. With the smaller ZF2.8 power pack, the Zero XU is impossibly light 98 kilograms. Seat height is a hair over 787mm, and a 736mm seatheight option is available for limited-inseam riders. A rake of 25 degrees and a 1354mm wheelbase promises agile in-town performance. With the lightweight power pack, range is limited to 28 kilometers at 113km/h and 61 kilometers in the city. If the range concerns you, the ZF5.7 battery pack is optional available, and this will double the Zero XU's range (though not its performance) and add 19 kilograms to the package.Tag: Zero-Motorcycles Launch Electric Vehicle EV Electric Bike Zero-DS Zero-S Zero-XU Business
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Anonymous User

Monday, 17 March 2014 @ 01:20 PM ICT
when are the 2014 models arriving in thailand? i wanna buy! and my friend too!


Monday, 08 December 2014 @ 07:00 AM ICT
They're now available.....


Monday, 26 January 2015 @ 06:25 PM ICT
This comment has been moved to our forum, you can find it here Zero Motorcycles Now Available in Thailand
Edited on Monday, 26 January 2015 @ 10:44 PM ICT by admin

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