Want to learn how to slide a motorcycle?

Want to learn how to slide a motorcycle? Use a dirt-bike technique. Stick your left foot out if you want to power slide a motorcycle! Of course you can learn to slide a motorcycle by using many different motorcycles on variety of surfaces, but like any job there is a better or worse tool that you can use.

This article is about the best tool (dirt-bikes) on the best surface (dirt) to learn how to slide a motorcycle.

We’ve all seen motorcycle road racers leaving black rubber lines as they exit corners sideways and maybe wish we could experience that too. Fact is most good road racers cut their teeth on a dirt-bike and that’s why they’re so comfortable sideways on a road race bike. With a dirt-bike, anyone can experience sliding, which is one of the most thrilling and fun things you can do on a motorcycle, right up there with jumping.

Sliding is one of the next-level skills that many riders are seeking soon after they learn the basics. Besides turning the handlebars or leaning the motorcycle, sliding is a third way to turn. Of course you do need instruction to be safer, to speed up the process and to avoid getting bad habits. You also need the key components of the right surface and the right motorcycle for the job.

The easiest is to perform a rear brake slide (for turn entrances), after that you can learn to perform a power slide (for turn exits). Lean is the key to both.

You’ll learn faster on a motocross motorcycle with at least 125cc engine, with that you can explore lean angle limits and the effects of your weight placement on the motorcycle.

Remember to lean the motorcycle plenty because it’s far better to lean too much and crash to the low side than to not lean enough and crash to the high-side.

Learning how to slide a motorcycle is easy and fun if you start with a small motorcycle at slow speeds then move up to larger and more powerful motorcycles and higher speeds as your control and confidence grows.

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