The Triumph Street Twin Getting a Bit Small

I’ve been riding the Triumph Street Twin for almost a month now, and a couple things are beginning to stand out. Aside from the fun I have buzzing around town on the 900cc twin, the overall size of the motorcycle is starting to feel cramped.

This is a bit ironic since Triumph specifically designed the Street Twin for smaller riders, with 1.65 meter I’m an average size Thai girl, making the seat a very approachable 750mm. In my many years of riding I’ve actually gotten used to larger motorcycles. The Triumph Street Twin, in contrast, has begun to feel a bit small.
Thankfully I only have a 15-minute commute. Anything longer and I suspect my knees would start to ache, just like they did during my last trip from Bangkok to Khon Kaen. So, what to do about this? My plan is to let some guy modify my seat, hopefully he will be able to add at least 2 or 2cm of height.

There are also a few official factory options, including a Triumph accessory saddle. Not surprisingly, the aftermarket is bursting at the seams with Triumph Street Twin kits, so I’m sure I can find a product that offers a few extra centimeters in seat height. I’ll try to get my hands on one of this products and report about it...Tag: Triumph Street-Twin 900cc Parallel-Twin Seat-Height Small-Bike Motorcycle-Size Naked-Bike Retro
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