The Kriega 40-Liter Combo Tailpack - Soft-Luggage Solution

When it comes to motorcycle luggage, my preference is usually a set of soft saddle bags; you can throw them on and off easily, and they make sense whether you’re packing for a day trip or a months-long adventure. This was all good and well, until I tried to install my trusty old saddle bags on a modern sportbike; it just doesn’t quite work. The narrow and sloping tail, and the minimal strap points can make it all a bit difficult, so I looked for something else.

Having bought their stuff in the past, it wasn’t long before I found my way to the Thai re-seller of Kriega luggage. Kriega is an English brand that specializes in tough motorcycle bags for the road and adventure. They make all kinds of stuff, but I was drawn to their Tailpacks because they can sit over the pillion seat and have been designed to work with modern sportbikes.

I settled on a 40-liter combo, which consists of the 10-liter bags and one 20-liter bag (which I already owned). The bags strap together in a variety of configurations, or you can just use one depending on the application and need. I find that the 20-liter on the bottom and a 10-liter on top works well for me, but it’s nice to know that I have more space if need be.

What I like most about these bags is that they are 100 percent waterproof – and that’s not just a factory claim. I tested them in torrential rain on a big trip and the inside remained completely dry. This is due to the twist-and-shut buckle commonly found on boating bags. It’s a bit fiddly to open and shut, but well worth the hassle in bad weather.

To fit the packs, Kriega provides ladderlock-style straps that connect to your subframe under your seat, which can then the connected to the bags with bespoke hook straps. On my first attempt at fitting the packs, I was completely befuddled. I tried swearing at it, but that didn’t work, so I eventually resorted to the user manual which helped a little. This is the Kriega Tailpack’s only downfall; they are designed to work with any motorcycle, which is fantastic, but as a result they can be fairly fidgety to install. Practice makes perfect…

The abrasion-resistant material feels strong, and the overall build quality is impeccable. Each bag features an outer zip pocket and another coated-mesh pocket which are very convenient, and the shoulder strap makes off-the-motorcycle carrying a breeze. It’s clear these packs are made to last, the 20-liter Tailpack I have already for almost 3-years without any signs of damage or wear...

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