Motorcycle Sandals - Safety Gear?

Not so long ago I was in Bangladesh for business and was introduced a amazing new product. The Motor-Sandal, a sandal especially developed for riding motorcycle. For years I try to tell people around me that riding a motorcycle wearing slippers or sandals is extremely dangerous, and in Bangladesh a well known international shoe manufacturer sells open-sandals developed for riding motorcycle. Back home we search a bit more and found the official press release...

Oh, and just in case there are cynics out there let us assure you that we did not make this up!

“Motorcycle riding is a symbol of youthfulness as well as an exciting lifestyle. It is also a very popular means of transport for short and long distance travel in the capital city, divisional and district towns of Bangladesh. The number of registered motorcycles increases daily in Bangladesh and to serve the growing number of riders. Bata Bangladesh has launched an exclusive sandal for motorcyclists for the first time.”
“It is a sandal specifically designed and engineered for bikers. The built-in features are engineered for foot protection and comfort while riding a bike.”

“The most important features of the MotorSandal are: fibreglass-reinforced plate in the sole, gear shift protection, thermo-plastic rubber exhaust heat resistance, toe bumper and fluorescent night vision in the back strap. Another interesting feature of this sandal is that it can also be used without the back strap as a slipper depending on the wish of the rider. Those with no motorcycle need not be worried, this sandal can be used comfortably in all day-to-day activities.”

“At the moment, five styles of the 'MotorSandal' are available in selected Bata stores across the country at an affordable retail price of Taka 900.00. The 'MotorSandal' with its exclusive features has already created tremendous customer sensation and attention.”

Let hope that Bata Thailand has a bit more commonsense and doesn't introduce something similar... Riding a motorcycle without protective gear could really ruin your life. So always make sure you're dressed right for the ride. That includes (real) protective foot-wear, sandals or slippers offer no protection whatsoever. WEAR REAL PROTECTIVE GEAR because sooner or later you need it. Being Stupid hurts.
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