ECU Firmware and Remapping

The ECU is the motorcycle’s brain and it controls all of its electronics functions, so remapping it allows us to access this brain and turn off and on various functions. Modern motorcycles are rammed full of emissions equipment and using special software we can download the ECU’s memory, alter it, and then reload it back into the motorcycle.

On something like a modern Suzuki or Kawasaki we can turn off emission equipment, remove any speed or performance restrictions and even unlock software such as traction control or launch control that it as loaded in the ECU, but the manufacturer has disabled its use on that specific model.

Once the map is back in the motorcycle, using a dyno we can then measure its fuel/air ratio and adjust its fuel maps, throttle response and secondary throttle butterflies to give a far better throttle feeling, improved fuel economy and of course, better performance.

And all this is done via the motorcycle’s ECU with no aftermarket hardware, such as a DynoJet Power Commander.

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